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The William Loveland College (WLC) Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is 45-semester credit hours for a total of $4,500 or $100.00 per credit hour. Textbooks are included online as part of each course at no additional cost to students.

The program can be completed 100% online.

WLC is an accredited Colorado-based private not-for-profit school with our main administrative offices in Loveland, Colorado.

Charles Vaz, Clinical Analyst & MBA Student

The William Loveland College MBA program has been wonderful so far. The courses are well organized, the textbooks are absolutely the best, and the assignments are perfect. Of my instructors, Professor Wilson is truly a wonderful professor and his methodical technique is a good way for students to grasp a new skill easily; Dr. Lady has been a very kind hearted, thorough and dedicated teacher throughout the Strategic Management course and I benefited tremendously from his patient reviews of my assignments. The MBA program is tough but very current and learning about the nuances of business strategy has been a very enlightening framework building experience for me.


Our Location

William Loveland College is located in Loveland, Colorado just north of Denver in the Colorado foothills near the Roosevelt National Forest and Rocky Mountain National Park. With a population of approximately 70,000 residents, Loveland is surrounded by numerous lakes, rivers, parks and mountains allowing families to enjoy a lifestyle that is full of fun and adventure.

Our History

William Loveland College has been providing high-quality education for over 91 years. Its predecessor institution was founded in 1923 as the prominent law school graduating students eligible to sit for the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) bar exam to become ICC law practitioners. In 1951, the college published the legal guide Transportation and Traffic Management. This publication was found in nearly every law office in the United States. By 1976, this legal guide contained 1,700 pages in four volumes with a total of fourteen editions.

Our Namesake

Loveland was named after Lieutenant Governor William A.H. Loveland, a founder of the Colorado Central Railroad and prominent figure in the early history of Colorado, for his influence, philanthropy, and leadership. Loveland was responsible for the regional development of the railroad transportation system in the late 1800s. One of his most distinguished contributions was establishing the premier public engineering university in Golden Colorado.

Our Commitment 

Today, in addition to offering certificate programs in logistics management through our vocational division Institute of Logistical Management (ILM), William Loveland College offers a world-class, peer-reviewed MBA program developed in 2013 that delivers up-to-date curriculum to business practitioners aligned with today’s competitive global business environment. 

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)


TIA and William Loveland College (WLC) have announced an agreement to offer a new Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in logistics to TIA members and the larger logistics community. Great news for TIA Members: WLC has agreed to take portfolio credit for up to 4 semester credit hours towards the MBA for anyone that has successfully completed TIA’s Certified Transportation Broker (CTB) program and up to 3 semester credit hours for anyone that has successfully completed TIA’s Ethics in Transportation Brokerage course. This means you could be 15% of the way finished before you even start!