Enrollment & Registration


Upon Enrollment, Students submit a copy of their photo identification (acceptable forms include: Drivers License, State-Issued ID Card, Passport, Military ID). A copy of this ID is kept in each students file. During proctored exams, a video photo will be captured showing the student with their photo ID. A copy of this is also placed in the student file. 


Once accepted for enrollment, students must complete an enrollment agreement and pay tuition for the first two courses within 30 days of acceptance. A completed enrollment agreement is required for each course.

Upon acceptance and verification of meeting the programs admission requirements, students are provisionally accepted in the program and may start the foundational courses. By the completion of the foundational courses and the completion of the foundational exam,  all of the below requirements must be met to continue on in the program, at which time the students status changes from provisional acceptance to full program acceptance:

  1. WLC has received all official transcripts necessary to verify admission requirements. Unofficial transcripts must be replaced with official transcripts for full program acceptance.
  2. All prerequisite have been met and verified.
  3. Successful completion of the first two foundational courses and the qualifying proctored exam taken after the first two foundational courses in the program.


Non-degree-seeking students may take an individual WLC course and are not required to hold an undergraduate degree to enroll in courses; however, the prerequisite for the course, if any, is required.


Graduate-level degree candidates must successfully complete all required courses and electives with an overall GPA of 3.0 (grade of B or higher) and must also pass the required proctored examinations.

All financial obligations to WLC must be satisfied before a diploma and final transcript can be released.


The WLC MBA is a unique program culminating in a major research activity. The courses are designed to build a library of individual research that supports the final thesis course. As such, courses must be taken in the order listed and all courses are required in support of the final research project. Courses taken in transfer should be carefully considered by the student in consultation with the WLC Provost. The first two courses in the program making the the Foundational Courses and the final 699 Thesis course must be taken at WLC and are not open for transfer. Students may otherwise transfer up to 20 credit hours of the program.


WLC policies conform to the requirements of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). All advance payments are refundable, within the limits cited below.


A student may request cancellation in writing or by phone. Students must identify the effective cancellation date which is assumed to be the date of notification unless otherwise stated. Upon cancellation or withdrawal, all money due the student will be refunded within 30 days subject to the following conditions.

Refunds due to the student for course cancellation on or after the course start date are calculated according to the Refund Table. For any refund on or after the course start date WLC charges a 20% refund fee in addition to the below table, which will not exceed a total of $200 for all refunds issued for a student for the entire program per appropriate guidelines.

When a student cancels enrollment after the start date of a course, WLC provides a partial refund of fees, according to the following Schedule:

  • Up to and during the first week of a course - 100%
  • After the first week of a course - 80%
  • After the second week of a course - 60%
  • After the third week of a course - 40%
  • After the fourth week of a course - 20%
  • After the fifth week of a course - 0%

Discount Policy

William Loveland College provides special discounts to individuals that are part of a special group or have demonstrated they have contributed an approved type of community service for the benefit of other American citizens, legal residents or communities. These individuals contributed to society in a positive way. For applicants to receive discounts they must contact the registrars office for a determination if your public service contribution meets the qualifications for a tuition discount at William Loveland College. A discount is not promised or guaranteed and is completely at the sole discretion of William Loveland College. The policy can be altered or discontinued at any time.

The same enrollment cancellation and withdrawal policy applies for a student that receives a discounted tuition rate. Please read the enrollment cancellation and withdrawal policy above carefully.


Under some circumstances a student may find it necessary to adjust the start date of their course. We allow students to request a change in their start date prior to that date without incurring a fee. No change is allowed after the 5th day following the start date of a course. A student may request a change of start date in writing by email.