Moodle Classroom

Here you can access the WLC Moodle classroom. Click the link above for access.

Technology Requirements

To complete the MBA Program, WLC makes everything you need accessible online. Through doing this, all you need is to have an eMail account and access to a computer that meets the following minimum browser requirements:

  • Google Chrome - 30.0
  • Mozilla Firefox - 25.0
  • Apple Safari - 6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - 9 

But it is recommended that Moodle users have the latest up to date browsers. Moodle users also will need an internet connection. They will also need a modern version of Microsoft Office or compatible office suite. The courses and online books are accessible through the Moodle link above. When you get to the Moodle login page, simply create a new account or login if you are already a user. Once you have done that you will gain access to the courses, books and Moodle tutorial videos that will help to guide you through any questions you might have about how to use Moodle.